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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have stock or prompt delivery products?
    No, we don’t have stock products, every WallPepper® work is prepared and printed on-demand, for each client. Our production time is usually of 10 working days but, for specific need, we can organize the work to meet the client request.


  • How often is the patterns repeat?
    Every WallPepper® graphic is changed to be adapted on the wall, so, ideally, the graphic should never repeat. Our graphics are studied in a resolution right to support a 5:3 scale but, being completely customize, we are free to any proportion or extension limitation.


  • Does the price change on the graphic?
    Every WallPepper® graphics, except of the CASULE COLLECTIONS, has the same price. The price is for sq. m. and change according to the system selected, not for graphic.


  • What are the production and delivery time?
    Our production is within 10 working days, we delivery all over the world with Express courier that deliver in around 48h


  • Is the glue included?
    For WallPepper® Smooth TNT and WallPepper® Strong, the powder glue is always provided for free. For WallPepper® Suede PET and the WallPepper® Acoustic and H2O systems, we recommend a paste glue that we can provide you for free, on demand.


  • If we don’t ask for the paste glue, could you suggest one of them?
    Every paste glue for heavy wallpaper is right for our products. Some products are easy to find as Henkel Metylan Ovalit, Mapei Adhesilex MT32 or ACM TEXreco.


  • Does the protective change depending on the system?
    No, it doesn't. The two components protective is always the same, it has been studied from us and it's produced exclusively for WallPepper®.


  • Could we have a copy of your certifications? (fire retardant, VOC, sound absorption performances etc.)
    Of course, you can contact directly by e-mail our technical office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have a copy of our certifications.


  • Does the apply of your wallpaper materials require specific professionals?
    Anyone with a good manual skill can install our WallPepper® wallpaper, all the work is shipped with numbered rolls together with an assembly render and instructions. Any upholsterer can apply our products without any problem.


  • Could you provide us the set-up service?
    WallPepper® doesn’t provide a set-up service, but we can suggest you some professionals’ contacts to take direct agreements.


  • Could we change the colour of the graphics?
    Of course, we can also print a specific color on your indication, having an international reference as RAL, NCS, Pantone, etc. Is always better use a referent from a real color palette because the color on the screen could be different from the print one and could change on the monitor setting.


  • Are your products washable?
    Our wallpaper are all washable, according with the kind of support/system, we move from a cleaning level comparable of a painted wall to the possibility to clean with very aggressive agents. WallPepper® Smooth TNT can be clean with a wet cloth and natural agent, WallPepper® Suede PET is anti-stain and all the systems protected with WallSilk® CAT (Strong, H2O, Acoustic) can be clean, if you need, also with the most strong agents.


  • Are your graphics available for all the systems?
    Yes, they are. All the images form our collections can be printed on every WallPepper® systems.

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