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Sonja Quarone

Sonja - Quarone

Sonja was born in Vigevano in 1972. After the maturity obtained at the artistic high school of Novara, she continued the studies at the Academy of fine Arts of Brera in Milan. Among the teachers who will have an important role in her cultural training, are to remember the conceptual artist Vincenzo Ferrari and the visual poet Ugo Carrega. The body is the subject that inspires her works and certify the process of evolutionary change in the course of artistic growth. She experiences restless areas of her personality, investigating among the memories of childhood and disturbances of growth. Dolls, lingerie, stuffed animals, masks, clippings of newspaper, photographs, objects recovered in the archives fears disused,

suggest possibilities of creative revision of personal memory, agitate fantasies and unconscious symbiosis, became tracks for recover forms of poetic commingling absolutely original. A natural predisposition to travel, curiosity and the desire to know, the emotion of discovery, pushing her to use the documentary photography as an instrument to explore regions far from the western culture, but close to her feeling the diversity of life. India is not only a physical place in the world, but also an inner space where the Sonia Quarone’s work records the achieved awareness of the existence of a social and anthropological dimension implicit in her artistic works.firma s quarone

Sonja Quarone r

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