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Paolo Nicola Rossini

Paolo - Nicola Rossini

The work by Paolo Nicola Rossini is characterized by being a conceptual approach centred on giving expression to a certain sense of transience of the image itself. In order to represent his own “transient” vision on reality, Paolo Nicola Rossini has been experimenting two different kinds of work. On the one hand, a process involving both video making and photography, catches the movement and allows many different images to be merged in a single snapshot rendering a sense of, both temporal and spatial, transience in the depicted subjects

On the other hand, his “The Black Series”, is purely a photographic job, based on a very intimate point of view on reality, depicting a world made of darkness, where, light emanates from the subject itself. In both cases, photography is used in an unconventional way and Paolo Nicola Rossini’s works appear to be a pictorial representation of reality as it’s perceived more with imagination than with the eye or the camera lens. He lives and works in Monaco.firma paolo nicola rossini

Paolo Nicola Rossini r

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