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Museum Collection

Museum - Collection

Not only contemporary artists, Wallpepper® brings the art history on the wall! The brand new and surprising section of the Wallpepper® Fine-Art catalogue came from the collaboration with the SCALA Archives - the most important and rich digital and analogue archive of artworks - with the common goal of spreading culture, taste and beauty through interior decoration. A selection of artworks signed by Nicolas Poussin, Fjodor Matveiev, Claude Lorrain, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Hubert Robert, William Turner, Canaletto,

Johann Wilhelm Baur, Henri Edmond Cross, Camille Pissarro, Henri Rousseau, Georges Seurat, Alfred Sisley, Telemaco Signorini, Gustav Klimt, Robert Delaunay, Vasilij Kandinskij, Umberto Boccioni, Paul Klee, Liubov Sergeievna Popova, Claude Monet e Vincent Van Gogh are ready to take the place of honor on the most exclusive walls. firma museum collection copia


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Le opere

are ready to take the place of honor on the most sought-walls.

Valeria Bosco

Valeria - Bosco

Valeria Bosco began her career in the early '80s, alongside Moschino and Gianfranco Ferrè. She continues as a freelancer and senior designer for Basile, Genny and Etro. In 1995 she discovers Shibori, the ancient Japanese art of hand-dyeing fabric, thanks to she will explore new creative and productive fields. Since then, with limitless passion, she dedicates herself to this laborious technique and poetic, stirring an Eastern tradition with an European taste: the fusion of these two cultures is the main theme of her clothing line "Valeria Bosco". Fabric clothes, knitwear and accessories, produced in limited series where she expresses her dual personality, as a designer and artisan. During many years of work she has also applied the Shibori line in the home accessories and products for international prêt a porter brand products.

The new collaboration with Wallpepper® makes Valeria Bosco very enthusiastic: the opportunity to reproduce the decorative language of Shibori on large walls had never been explored. She moves from fabric to interior decoration, for a result that expand the use, according to a principle very dear to her ... the technology is at the service human knowledge, never the other way.

firma bosco

ritratto bosco

The Artworks


Serena Maisto

Serena - Maisto

It was 1998 when Serena Maisto (born in Mendrisio, Switzerland, in 1982) painted her first painting just for fun, in response to the request of a physiotherapy practice. As soon as Serena saw her work hanging on the wall, she felt a strange sensation that was difficult to explain. But does it really need explaining now? Serena realized that her art was made for places, for people; it was art that desired to be intimately tied to the men and women who found themselves in front of it each day. An old Sergio Endrigo read: “Life, my friend, is the art of the encounter”. This here is Serena’s secret: her work is alive because it is woven with encounters, because her creative emotion is personal above all else, like in a mysterious meeting between the painter and the person who buys her paintings.

Over the years, inspired by Jackson Pollock’s action painting, Serena Maisto has experimented on new ways and new techniques. For some years she has enjoyed playing with light and shadow, tracing its lines on the clear surface of Plexiglas, and experimenting with steel, aluminium, wood, glass and the world of sculpture and light sculpture. These limitations – the place, person, medium, size, colour – do not reduce the freedom of the person painting, but are enriching, a continuous challenge. True artistic freedom, in fact, is not in the absence of rules, but in succeeding to find the right rules.

firma maisto

Serena Maisto30

The Artworks


Guido Crepax

Guido - Crepax

Born in Milan in 1933, Guido Crepax created his very first comic strip at the age of 12. Despite his degree in Architecture, he preferred working in the field of commercial art, releasing ads for brands like Shell, Campari, Esso, Standa, Rizzoli, Dunlop and, later, Terital, Iveco, Fuji, Breil and Honda. Courtesy of the magazine Linus, in 1965 he returned to comics and created his world- famous character: Valentina, one of the few existing female-heroines of comics, the only one who has aged along with her creator. His comic-versions of a number of literary classics - Emanuelle and Story of O, as well as Justine and Venus in Furs, Dracula and Frankenstein, Doctor Jeckyll and Mister Hyde and The Turn of the Screw, Poe and Kafka – are neat and accurate.

Altogether he drew more than 5000 comic-tables, while his books have been published in about 200 editions in the most known languages. During his 40-years career he’s also made hundreds of illustrations for newspapers, record-covers, furniture completions, fashion and design. As pastime he loved making up board games. He’s been working in drama, as well, and drawing dozens of lithographic prints. Several solo exhibitions have been dedicated to him both in Italy and abroad. Many an intellectual has been writing about him: Roland Barthes, Alan Robbe-Grillet, Umberto Eco and many more. He passed away on the 31st of July, 2003.

firma crepax

guido crepax

The Artworks


Piero Gemelli

Piero - Gemelli

Piero Gemelli, architect and photographer, was born in Rome, where he graduated in Architecture. In 1983 he moved to Milan and began to work with some of the most important fashion magazines, publishing for Vogue Italia and others national and international Condé Nast editions. In 1987 he opened his own studio in Milan and, worked between USA and Europe, created advertising campaigns and images for prestigious international brands. Besides his first personal exhibition “Idea Progettata-fotografie 1983-1993” (Milan, 1994), he has been invited to take part in many exhibitions, among these: “20 anni di VogueItalia 1964-1984” (Milan, 1985), the collective “À propos de la photographie italienne” (Musée de lʼElysée, Lausanne -1992), “Lo sguardo Italiano - fotografie di moda dal 1951 a oggi”, (Rotonda Besana, Milan 2005).

“Dettagli di Moda” (Villa Filippini-Besana Brianza, October 2009), in the context of the Foto&Photo festival, and “ W(H)O-MAN” (MyOwnGallery, Milano January 2010) are the most recent personal exhibitions. The monography “Piero Gemelli: Fotografie 1983-1993” has been published in 1993, for his personal exibithion at Diaframma Gallery in Milano. Today, Gemelli is also working as creative director, as well as involved in design and furniture projects, and in his own artistic production of photographs and graphic art.

firma gemelli

Piero Gemelli RITRATTO BIO2

The Artworks